Massive passive domains

Massive Passive Profits is the brainchild of experienced internet marketers, Mike Williams and Bill McRae which was launched in November 2010. Basically it is a fully automated blogging system that allows a person to literally build hundreds or thousands of blogs very quickly and earn a small amount of autopilot income from them. The blogs themselves will have content automatically posted on them and be fully monetized to help you earn money a variety of ways including affiliate links, AdSense, Amazon links and so forth. Once the blogs are up and running, additional content is added automatically so that they are kept fresh and updated. If you follow the instructional videos included you will see that the goal is to achieve around $1 per day, per blog which doesn't sound like a huge amount but multiply that by say, 1000 blogs and you get the picture, right?

Massive passive domains

The cost to purchase Massive Passive Profits is a one time payment of $47 but this only actually gives you access to the tools and the blogs would have to be created manually. An upgrade costing $197 enables all of the word press blogs to be created automatically which is at least ten times faster than doing the work manually. Although this sounds a fantastic product for the price, the costs mount up. McRae actually advises the purchase of a dedicated server which has the space for all of your blogs and then there is the additional cost of domain names for each blog.

While this product is certainly not a scam, there is a lot more to it than simply pressing a button and watching automated profits come flooding in. In order to set up the blogs, you need to know what niches to target and you need to understand keyword research and SEO, which are the main reasons that marketers fail in the first place. If you already possess great marketing skills, then the chances are this software will work for you and help you earn money simply because it automates a lot of time consuming manual work. However, I still wouldn't advise giving up your day job but if you can spare a couple of hours each day to work with the Massive Passive Profits System it could be just the product for you.

Massive passive domains

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